Том 6, номер 03, статья № 1

pdf Каррас Т. В., Андерсон С. Е. Flowing metal vapor lasers. // Оптика атмосферы и океана. 1993. Т. 6. № 03. С. 228-233.
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Transverse discharge copper vapor laser experiments using a flowing metal medium, high voltages, and low inductance are summarized. Burst mode operation at 20 kHz with specific laser output of 50mJ/cm-3 was obtained. Measurements of spontaneous emission of 2mJ/cm-3 indicate very high upper laser state population (1Ч1016). This is confirmed by determinations based upon independent measurements of gain (4.5 cm-1) and computations based upon assumptions of amplified spontaneous emission. Total specific spontaneous output power of 36 WЧcm-3 is indicated.

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