Vol. 10, issue 01, article # 7

pdf Arsen'yan T. I., Korolenko P. V., Kulyagina E. A., Lyash A. N., Pershin S. M., Odintsov A. I., Fedotov N. N. Intermittence of the fluctuation Processes in the tropospheric channels of laser radiation propagation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 01. P. 29-33.
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We present here some experimental results on the conditions of appearing and specific features of the manifestation of structural intermittence of optical beams along the near ground paths and its connection with dynamic processes in the turbulent atmosphere. We also give the results of systematic complex investigations along a horizontal path. These results enable us one to establish that over a wide range of the meteoparameters quasiperiodic alternations between two qualitatively different structural states of beam wavefront (the intermittence of the structural states of a beam) occur. One of them is characterized by the relatively small changes in the amplitude-phase profile of a laser beam. The second state has speckl-like structure of intensity distribution and strongly disturbed structure of the wavefront. Transition between the two states occurs stepwisely. Factors characterizing the dynamic state of the propagation path and stimulating the effects of the structural intermittence are analyzed.