Vol. 10, issue 03, article # 13

pdf Balin Yu. S., Tikhomirov A. A., Samoilova S. V. Preliminary results of sounding clouds and the underlying surface obtained with a spaceborne lidar "BALKAN". // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 03. P. 209-220.
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The results of tentative processing of the data on laser sounding of the Earth surface and cloudy fields, obtained from the first Russian spaceborne lidar «Balkan», are discussed in the paper.  The lidar is set upon the orbital station «Mir» and operates in the steady state since August, 1995.  The parameters of the station and lidar, affecting the measurements, and the methodology basis of the experiments are presented.  The sounding of the marine and terrestrial surfaces and cloudy fields in various regions under various light and shadow conditions at two orientational regimes of the station is described.