Vol. 10, issue 08, article # 9

pdf Arshinova V. G., Belan B. D., Vorontsova E. V., Zadde G. O., Rasskazchikova T. M., Sem'yanova O. I., Sklyadneva T. K., Tolmachev G. N. Analysis of the long-term aerosol trend in the troposphere over Western Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 08. P. 577-582.
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The causes are analyzed of the trend of aerosol concentration observed during many years over Western Siberia. Two hypotheses are considered: the postvolcanic effect and a change in the general atmospheric circulation. The trend is shown to be caused by circulation processes, i.e., by strengthening of the westward zonal component of the air flow, and by a change in the meridional circulation over the region.