Vol. 10, issue 11, article # 13

pdf Ter-Avetisyan S. A. Population of the quartet autoionization levels of cesium and rubidium atoms in charge exchange reactions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 11. P. 832-835.
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From the analysis of the time decay of VUV lines intensities at 82.4 and 109.1 nm corresponding to radiation transitions from Rb (4p5s5p 4S3/2) and Cs (5p6s5d 4P5/2) quasimetastable autoionization levels the rates of the charge transfer reactions of the metastable rubidium and cesium ions on their atoms were measured in mixtures of He-Rb and He-Cs. They were found to be equal to α (Rb) = 3,76(± 0,6)×10–11 см3/с and α (Cs) = 9,94(± 1,5)×10–11 см3/с, respectively.