Vol. 10, issue 11, article # 7

pdf Kuznetsov A. A., Novgorodov M. Z., Ochkin V. N., Tikhonov V. M. Small-size slab СО2-laser excited with a DC discharge with short-pulse preionization. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 11. P. 810-813.
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We have developed and investigated a slab NI2-laser with the diffusion cooling excited with a DC discharge sustained by high-voltage high-repetition rate preionization pulses. Volt-ampere characteristic of the discharge was measured under different conditions of preionization, deposited energy, pressure, and content of a gas mixture. We have also studied the dependence of output laser emission power on the parameters of the resonator and conditions in the active medium. At active length of 22 cm, cavity width of 14 mm and slab height d = 4 mm the output power was found to be 27 W. This value corresponds to the specific power per 1 cm2 area of the active volume SA ~ 0.9 W/cm2 and to the power in units of SA/d ~ 3.5 W/(cm2mm-1). These parameters are comparable with the best parameters of the HF-excited slab СО2 lasers published in literature.