Vol. 11, issue 06, article # 8

pdf Shlychkov V. A. Calculation of the contribution from Ekibastuz electric power station into the air pollution of West Siberia due to the long-distance transfer of the emission. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 06. P. 517-520.
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We formulate here the problem and present some results of integration of the numerical hydrodynamics model of the long-distance atmospheric transfer of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from Ekibastuz electric power station (EPS) (Kazakhstan) emissions. Three regimes of the EPS operation are considered: the existing regime, the possible one at the projected output without gas scrubbing equipment, and the regime with the extraction of sulfur and nitrogen compounds. The annual-mean fields of the contaminants' concentration obtained for each of the regimes, show that the influence zone of the EPS under an intense operation can cover a part of neighboring regions of Russia.