Vol. 11, issue 07, article # 18

pdf Cheremisin A. A., Granitsky L. V., Bartenev V. A., Agapov I. A. Sattelite UV navigation systems. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 07. P. 673-677.
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This paper describes the system for independent spacecraft navigation allowing height determination of star lines above the Earth's surface by measuring star brightness attenuation in the UV wavelength range (200-300 nm) from satellite when observing star set behind the Earth's atmospheric limb. Error of height fixation of star lines is caused by random "weather" variations of atmospheric ozone concentration in the upper atmosphere on one hand and insufficiency of ozone variability model on other hand. Configuration and elements of the promising system allowing simultaneous solution of the problems of independent spacecraft navigation and spacecraft orientation with respect to stars.