Vol. 11, issue 10, article # 6

pdf Afonin S. V., Bykov A. D., Gridnev Yu. V., Zuev V. V., Kataev M. Yu., Komarov V. S., Mitsel' A. A., Naumenko O. V., Firsov K. M., Chesnokova T. Yu., Chursin A. A. Sensing of the atmosphere with the HIRS/2 satellite IR-radiometer. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 10. P. 914-922.
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Feasibility of sensing of the vertical profiles of the air temperature and total content of H2O, O3, and N2O in the atmospheric column above the territories of the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions from measurements with HIRS/2 is analyzed. The regression methods of reconstructing the total H2O content are described. The influence of the uncertainty in the initial spectroscopic information on the error in reconstructing temperature profiles is considered. The most important problems are formulated whose solution will provide the development of reliable technique for reconstructing the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere.