Vol. 22, issue 02, article # 8

Vasil'ev A. V., Mel'nikova I. N. About the multiplicity of solutions of the inverse problem of determining optical parameters of the scattered atmosphere from remote observation. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 02. P. 155-162 [in Russian].
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Satellite multiangle observation of the intensity of solar shortwave radiation (reflected and scattered) is used for retrieving optical parameters of clear atmosphere. The approach of complex determination of optical characteristics (simultaneously extinction and scattering) basing on transfer theory and with minimal using of a priori information. The simplest variant is considered: the standard scheme of illumination of the plane-parallel homogeneous atmosphere approximation. Optical parameters averaged over the atmosphere are retrieved. The phase function is approximated with one parameter functions. The parameter is equal to mean cosine of the phase function. Some numerical algorithms based on minimization of calculations and measurements differences and the analytical method of single light scattering are applied for inverse task solution. Both groups of algorithms are tested with numerical simulations in frames of the chosen atmospheric models. The first group of algorithms leads to the mean results error too close to a priori model. In second case gives multiplicity of solutions. The detailed analysis of multiplicity effect is carried out.


multi-angle measurements of intensity; inverse problem; numerical experiments; comparison of algorithms