Vol. 22, issue 04, article # 5

Jouravlev M. V. Asymptotic estimation of power threshold of laser induced temperature instability in high Q-factor rezonance modes in water aerosol droplets. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 04. P. 340-343 [in Russian].
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Laser induced temperature instability power thresholds have been calculated as the function of size parameter and laser pump frequency for high Q-factor aerosol droplets. The thermal coupling coefficients of thermal and electromagnetic modes are estimated by asymptotic methods. The power threshold is comparable with the experiments of Raman lasing and the thermal instability in the spherical silica particles. The threshold power is an application for the remote measurement of the temperature of aerosol droplets and temperature deviations, as well as an additional tool for precisely measuring the thermal conductivity, the heat capacity and the rate of evaporation of aerosol droplet by calculating the thermal shifts of eigenfrequencies in the spectra of nonlinear Raman scattering or lasing.


threshold power; nonlinear effects; water aerosol