Vol. 22, issue 06, article # 7

Belan B. D., Pelymskii O. A., Uzhegova N. V. Investigation of the anthropogenic component in the urban thermal balance. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 06. P. 558-561 [in Russian].
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The estimation of size of the contribution of anthropogenous components (QF) in the city general thermal balance (at the example of Tomsk) is carried out. The period of research was four years since 2004 to 2007. All anthropogenous heat in the city was subdivided into three components: anthropogenous heat from the burnt fuel (enterprises, transport, household gas), from consumed electric energy, from heating premises. The greatest contribution to heating air renders the burnt fuel, the least one brings electricity. The general value of anthropogenous heat from all kinds of sources makes in the winter 18 Vt/m2, in summer 4 Vt/m2. In winter months (since November to February), the anthropogenous inflow of heat makes from 25 to 80% relative to the inflow of solar radiation.


anthropogenic heat; town