Vol. 22, issue 08, article # 10

Krekov G. M., Krekova M. M., Sukhanov A. Ya. Estimate of perspective white-light lidar efficiency for sensing of the stratus clouds microphysical parameters: 2. Parametric modification of the iteration method lidar equation solution. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 08. P. 795-802 [in Russian].
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At laser sensing of optically dense atmospheric hydrometeors, to which the stratus refers, a problem is conceived to suppress the interferences of multiple scattering, which limits considerably the vertical scales of reliable information about optical and microphysical characteristics of cloud. The paper describes a new parametric modification of the iteration method of solution of lidar equation, which allows the significant increase of the optical sensing depth. Numerical experiments made within the limits of statistical modeling confirm the stability of the method at different variations of the cloud layer vertical structure. The method does not call for an absolute calibration of a lidar return, by way of which a wide-band signal of supercontinuum can be used.


laser sensing; lidar; supercontinuum; transfer equation; Monte-Carlo method