Vol. 22, issue 08, article # 14

Avdeev S. M., Sosnin E. A., Smirnov A. A., Heneral A. A., Avtaeva S. V., Kel’man V. A., Tarasenko V. F. Study of the spectral, temporal and energy characteristics of discharge plasma in water and water ammonia vapors. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 08. P. 818-822 [in Russian].
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The spectral, energy and temporal characteristics of Е-type electrodeless discharge plasma in ammonia water are investigated. Barrier and capacitive discharge lamps radiated at А2+0 →Х2П transitions of • OH* hydroxyl and C3Пu → B3Пg transitions of molecular nitrogen are created. The radiation average power of about 35 and 50 mW and efficiency of ~ 0,15 and ~ 0,25 % were obtained for barrier and capacitive discharges, accordingly.


hydroxyl • OH*; UV radiation; barrier discharge; capacitive discharge; ammonia water