Vol. 22, issue 09, article # 7

Makukhin V. L., Janchenko N. I., Baranov A. N. The estimation of the influence of the emission of the Tayshet Aluminium Factory under construction on the media ambient. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 09. P. 859-861 [in Russian].
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Predictive assessment of a fraction of fluorine mass in the total fluorine mass settling in the region of Aluminum Plant under construction has been made. Schematic maps compiled illustrate an expected effect of the release from a building Tayshet Aluminum Plant on the surrounding areas. It is shown that when the planned production capacity of the Plant is obtained, its discharge would reach Bratsk and make hard ecological conditions in the city still worse.


fluorine; sulfur dioxide; precipitation; transformation; modeling