Vol. 22, issue 09, article # 9

Vasil'ev A. V., Ivlev L. S., Kugeiko M. M., Lysenko S. A., Terekhin N. Yu. The measurement accuracy estimation in the tasks of microphysical aerosol parameter diagnostics.. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 09. P. 873-881 [in Russian].
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The application of accumulated a priori information about atmospheric aerosols to the tasks of information analysis of different aerosol optical characteristics of measurements for aerosol microphysical parameters is considered. The necessity of simulation of some variation of aerosol microphysical parameters describing the real variability is noted. A statistical microphysical aerosol model of near-ground layer based on these principal is proposed. Variation coefficients for optical aerosol characteristics and microphysical parameters are calculated by this model. These coefficients organized as the computer database and appropriate computer code. We can use these tools in different tasks of information analysis of aerosol optical characteristic measurements, in particular, for estimation of necessary accuracy of synchronous (control) microphysical measurements. For example, some estimation of particular lidar measurements are considered. For these measurements a regression ratio between optical and microphysical aerosol characteristics is carried out based on this model and numerical simulations. A good agreement between the results of aerosol parameter retrieval on this regression ratio and appropriate AERONET web data is shown.


aerosol models; parameter variation; informativity of optical measurements; lidar sensing; regression relations