Vol. 7, issue 11-12, article # 25

pdf Burlakov V. D., Zuev V. V., Evtushenko G. S., Kataev M. Yu., Smirnov S. V., Troitskii V. O. Lidar for sounding of tropospheric ozone using nonlinear conversion of copper vapor laser emission. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1994. V. 7. No. 11-12. P. 876-878.
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We propose a lidar for the tropospheric ozone sounding by the differential absorption method using nontraditional pairs of laser spectral lines, namely, 271-289 nm (the net frequency of yellow and green radiation lines of copper vapor laser and the second harmonic of yellow line of copper vapor laser, respectively) and 289-308 nm (308 nm is the wavelength of the excimer XeCl laser radiation). The paper presents the results of investigation into the efficiency of CVL harmonics generation in nonlinear crystals of b-BaB2O4 as well as the results of numerical simulation of potentialities of the lidar under study for the tropospheric ozone sounding.