Vol. 22, issue 08, article # 8

Zhuravleva T. B., Bedareva T. V., Nasrtdinov I. M., Sakerin S. M. Specific features of angular characteristics of diffuse solar radiation in little-cloud atmosphere. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2009. V. 22. No. 08. P. 777-786 [in Russian].
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We consider the variations of angular characteristics of diffuse solar radiation during appearance of local inhomogeneities in the form of finite-size separate cloud in the clear sky. Based on the algorithms of the Monte Carlo method, we obtained the quantitative estimates of these variations in solar almucantar as functions of wavelength, optical-geometrical cloud parameters, and observation conditions. The results of the numerical simulation are compared with data of field measurements.


descending solar radiation; spectral-angular characteristics; Monte-Carlo method; clear sky; clouds