Том 14, номер 11, статья № 4

pdf Горбанзаде А. М., Мадани А., Хейрандиш Б., Малик Мохаммад М., Кешаварц С., Мохаддам А. Small signal gain characteristics and gas analysis of medium of power combustion driven CO2-gas dynamic laser. // Оптика атмосферы и океана. 2001. Т. 14. № 11. С. 1008-1010.
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The effect of different oxidizer/fuel proportion on the operational characteristics of a combustion driven 17 kW gas dynamic laser was investigated. Small signal gain measurements showed that the highest value of gain was determined by condition in which the pressure (or temperature) in after burning chamber was highest one. It corresponds to complete consumption of oxidizer or stoichiometric proportion of oxidizer/fuel in the combustion reaction. Furthermore, gas analysis indicated that the small signal gain is not sensitively dependent on variations of combustion products composition.

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