Vol. 10, issue 02, article # 8

pdf Afonin S. V., Belov V. V., Makushkina I. Yu. Simulation of the upwelling thermal radiation scattered by aerosol, taking into account temperature inhomogeneities on a surface. Part 3. Small scale high-temperature anomalies. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 02. P. 114-118.
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We consider here some results of statistical simulation of thermal radiation distorted by aerosol in the spectral channel at 3.75 μm at the presence of high-temperature small-size spatial anomaly on a homogeneous surface. The observations of small-size fire cells from space through the turbid atmosphere by means of the instrument with a medium spatial resolution have been simulated for different optical-geometrical situations. Investigations have been carried out in the frameworks of the theory of linear systems in the optics of disperse media.
We also present data characterizing the distorting effect of different aerosols: continental and urban in the near-ground layer, as well as the post-volcanic layer in the stratosphere on measurement results. The analysis of calculational data has shown that aerosol factor can noticeably affect the accuracy of solution of the problem of early finding and estimation of the small-size fire cell from the satellite data in the case of high turbidity of the near-ground atmospheric layer.