Vol. 10, issue 02, article # 9

pdf Kaul B. V., Krasnov O. A., Kuznetsov A. L., Polovtseva E. R., Samokhvalov I. V., Stykon A. P. Lidar investigations of particles orientation in crystal clouds. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 02. P. 119-125.
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We present here some measurement results on the backscattering phase matrices (BSPM) of crystal clouds. The measurements were carried out with a lidar the Stokes parameters of the sounding beam in which can be varied and all Stokes parameters of lidar returns are measured. The BSPMs often have the nondiagonal form, what is caused by the presence of preferred orientation of scattering particles. The direction and degree of the particle orientation are estimated from the measurement results. The consequence of the orientation of crystal cloud particles is the essential anisotropy of the backscattering coefficient related to the polarization state of the sounding beam and the direction of its incidence on the cloud layer, that is illustrated by some examples.