Vol. 10, issue 06, article # 16

pdf Vorozhtsov B. I., Galenko Yu. A., Lushev V. P., Mar'yash V. I., Oleinikov B. D., Pavlenko A. A., Potapov M. G., Khrustalev Yu. V., Bashunov B. M. Experimental investigations of the spread of products from industrial explosive combustion. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 06. P. 425-428.
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Cloud formation in the process of industrial explosive combustion has been experimentally investigated. The cloud of combustion products has been studied by thermal imaging, pyrometric, and spectrometric methods. Temperature fields of a combustion site are determined. Characteristic particle size is estimated. The obtained information can be used as initial data to solve problems of forecasting the evolution of the cloud formed by the combustion products and pollution of a locality.