Vol. 10, issue 06, article # 17

pdf Skubnevskaya G. I., Dubtsov S. N., Dultsev E. N. Some peculiarities in the influence of ozone on kinetics of photonucleation of formaldehyde and benzaldehyde vapor. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 06. P. 429-432.
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Kinetics of aerosol formation in the photolysis of benzaldehyde and formaldehyde vapor has been studied. The use of the excitation of reagents with light of different wavelengths makes it possible to conclude that aerosol formation is induced by free-radical photolysis of aldehydes. The nucleation in these systems is found to occur at high ozone concentration. The qualitative explanation to the experimental data obtained has been proposed.