Vol. 10, issue 10, article # 14

pdf Sushkevich T. A., Strelkov S. A., Kulikov A. K., Maksakova S. V. The theory of the vector optical transfer operator. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 10. P. 763-770.
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Methods of the influence functions (IFs) and the spatial-frequency characteristics (SFCs) are used to solve the vector boundary-value problem of the theory of polarized radiation transfer in a three-dimensional plane layer. Generalized solution is first obtained for the calculation of the parameter of the Stokes vector with the help of the vector IFs (VIFs) or the vector SFCs (VSFCs). The vector optical transfer operators (VOTOs) are constructed whose kernels are tensors of IFs (TIFs) or SFCs (TSFCs). Basic models for calculation of VIFs and VSFCs are described.