Vol. 10, issue 11, article # 4

pdf Fedorov A. I. Discharge excimer lasers with an automated spark preionization. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 11. P. 796-802.
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In this review, a possibility is shown to provide for a quasi-stationary mode of excitation and generation in excimer lasers with an automated spark preionization in a peaking or storing circuitries. Both the experimental results obtained by the author and the data reported by other researchers are analyzed. The excitation pulse duration is by n times shorter when a UV preionization is used in the peaking circuitry. This is related to duration of the preionization pulse. Quasi-stationary mode of excitation in Ne mixtures with three-circuit pumping scheme yields a "multi-pulse" output from a XeCl laser. Thus, it is possible to control the duration and shape of the output pulse when using an appropriate power supply.