Vol. 10, issue 12, article # 2

pdf Cheremisin A. A., Granitsky L. V., Myasnikov V. M., Vetchinkin N. V., Slabko V. V. Remote sensing of vertical distributions of aerosol and ozone in the upper atmosphere from the board of the Astrophysical Space Station Astron in the ultraviolet region. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 12. P. 885-890.
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In this work we represent the results of researches of an upper atmosphere in the equatorial area and in the middle latitudes in 1984–1985 carried out by the method of tangent remote sensing in the ultraviolet wavelength range (λ = 280, 273, 255 nm, Δλ = 3 nm) by means of the ultraviolet telescope of the space-born astrophysical station «Astron».  As a result of the analysis of the experimental height profiles of spectral radiance of the Earth’s atmospheric limb, the height profiles of an aerosol scattering parameters at heights of 65–100 km and height profiles of ozone concentration at heights of 55–65 km were restored. According to the obtained data, a significant aerosol layer is observed at heights of 65–100 km in the equatorial area and in the middle latitudes.  Maxima of differential scattering coefficient fall on heights of 72–75 km.  The curves of turbidities S reveal two-peak structure.  The first peaks have maxima at height about 80 km (S = 1.0–1.5).  The second peaks have maxima at heights of 90–95 km with more high values of factor S.  The obtained ozone height profiles at 55–65 km are in a good accordance with the model ozone data.