Vol. 10, issue 12, article # 22

pdf Kashevarov A. V., Kogan M. N., Kucherov A. M., Stasenko A. L. Formation of a clearing-up channel in the condensation trace of a high-altitude aircraft with a laser beam. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 12. P. 984-990.
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This paper presents some results of the study of the laser beam propagation in an axisymmetric jet containing the condensing vapor and droplets growing due to collisions. The calculations are made for the flight conditions of the supersonic airliners being under development. Spatial distribution of the condensate mass concentration and droplet size are obtained, as well as the optical characteristics of an aerosol cleared up with a laser beam (e.g., for remote monitoring of gas species in the jet). The fact that evaporation efficiency for a separate droplet and aerosol evaporation parameters depend on droplet size, temperature, droplet substance (water), and other properties of the ambient gas medium, and the intensity of laser radiation vaporizing the droplets is taken into account.