Vol. 10, issue 12, article # 6

pdf Andreev S. D., Ivlev L. S. Temporal and spatial variability of fields of optical and aerosol characteristics in the atmosphere. II. Aerosol characteristics. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 12. P. 906-910.
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The paper describes the results of application of the normalized span method to an analysis of the observed aerosol characteristics – the number density and differential number density of aerosol particles as well as their size distribution function. The values of the Hurst constant for the considered microstructural characteristics depend significantly on the time scale that enables us to discuss the nature of processes determining their variations. The number density of aerosols and their dispersed composition in the ground layer are shown to have regular daily behavior, as it also follows from the results of traditional microphysical measurements, but the regularities of their variability for some ranges of particle sizes differ significantly.