Vol. 12, issue 04, article # 7

pdf D'yakonov M. N., Knurenko S. P., Kolosov V. A., Sleptsov I. E. Reconstruction of the vertical profile of mean atmospheric transmittance from data of optical observations of cosmic rays. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 04. P. 315-319.
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We propose a method to obtain information about the integral atmospheric transparency from measurements of a spatial distribution of Cherenkov radiation Q(R) from extended atmospheric showers of ultrahigh energy (Е0 ≥1017 eV). From measurement data on Q(R), vertical profiles of mean atmospheric transmittance are reconstructed for three grades of weather conditions: with very high, high, and normal transparency. The results are used to estimate the effective atmospheric transparency for every case. This allowed us to refine some characteristics of the extended atmospheric showers of ultrahigh energy.