Vol. 12, issue 05, article # 2

pdf Romashov D. N. Backscattering phase matrix of monodisperse ensembles of hexagonal water ice crystals. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 05. P. 376-384.
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The methodology of constructing databases for interpreting the measurements of backscattering phase matrices (BSPM) of the upper-level clouds is presented. The beam splitting method is used for calculation of the BSPM of hexagonal prisms. The influence of orientation of ice hexagonal plates and columns on the BSPM is studied. The process of formation of rays mostly contributing into the backscattering is under analysis. The BSPMs were computed for monodisperse ensembles of randomly oriented ice hexagonal plates and columns. All calculations were made for incident radiation at λ = 0.55 mm and the refractive index m = 1.311 (the absorption is ignored).