Vol. 12, issue 05, article # 7

pdf Fortes B. V. Phase correction for turbulent blurring of an image under conditions of strong intensity fluctuations. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 05. P. 406-411.
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Methods of adaptive optics are applied to phase correction of an optical wave propagated through a turbulent medium. It is shown by numerical simulation that requirements to an adaptive optical system (AOS) under conditions of strong intensity fluctuations remain practically the same as for weak fluctuations. Similarly, the required size of an element of a segmented mirror is equal to Fried length r0, and the tolerable AOS time lag is equal to r0/V, where V is the velocity of turbulent inhomogeneities transportation. Strehl ratio in this case remains no less than 0.5. However, local slope sensors become therewith impracticable as well as the tip-tilt correction over the corrector subapertures.