Vol. 12, issue 06, article # 11

pdf Batueva E. V., Darikapov D. D. Relationship between the number density of aerosol particles and the parameters of temperature distribution in the atmospheric boundary layer. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 06. P. 509-510.
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The spatiotemporal variability of the basic parameters of surface temperature inversions is analyzed from the data of aerological sensing at stationary Russian stations (collected in 1984–1986). The data obtained during daily aerological rises of radiosondes at altitudes up to 3 km at five Far-East subarctic stations have been used as input data for an analysis of spatiotemporal variability of the surface temperature inversions. The lower boundary height Hi, the thickness DH, and the temperature jump DT are the basic parameters that characterize inversion layers in the troposphere. Vertical temperature profiles have been investigated in the visual medium Delphi 3.0. Average monthly values of the basic parameters, derived from a series of three-year observations, are presented for all seasons.