Vol. 12, issue 07, article # 10

pdf Klimkin V. M., Sokovikov V. G., Fedorishchev V. N., Chikurov V. A. Two types of diurnal variation of ozone in the boundary atmospheric layer. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 07. P. 604-606.
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The measurement results on the ozone diurnal variation in the near-water atmospheric layer in the off-shore (50–100 km far from a shore) regions are generalized for the mid-latitude summer. Two periods of О3 accumulation (during a day and in the evening) in the near-water atmospheric layer are revealed. Accumulation culminates in the fast decay of О3 in the later half of night. Analysis of simplest three-reservoir scheme of the О3 diurnal behavior shows that not only diurnal variation in the generation of О3, but also diurnal variations of the sink rate are characteristic of the near-water atmospheric layer.