Vol. 12, issue 07, article # 14

pdf Abramochkin A. I., Kaul B. V., Tikhomirov A. A. Optimization of a lidar receiving system. Analyzers of the polarization state. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 07. P. 619-629.
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In this paper we consider the approach to measuring the Stokes parameters of backscattered radiation based on matrix description of lidar equation and the instrumental vectors of analyzers used in receiving systems of polarization lidars. Polarization states of sounding radiation needed for measuring the backscattering phase matrix of a medium under study are presented, as well as the methods to obtain them. Principal types of analyzers based on beam splitter prisms, polaroids, and phase plates are listed along with their characteristics and efficiency criteria which are needed for comparative analysis. The Stratosfera–1M and Svetozar–3 lidars are considered as examples of optimal design of single-channel and multichannel receiving systems of polarization lidars.