Vol. 12, issue 09, article # 15

pdf Valenta A., Claveau Ch., Kochanov V. P., Savel'ev V. N. Collisional broadening, shifting, narrowing, and mixing of H2O doublet lines nearby 5 mcm. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 09. P. 814-820.
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The line profiles for seven H2O absorption doublet lines nearby 2000 cm-1 have been measured with the Fourier transform spectrometer of Paris VI University at different pressures of the buffer gas (nitrogen and argon). The data were processed on the basis of numerical solution of the convolution equation corresponding to the recorded spectra and theoretical line profiles describing both the collisional narrowing and mixing of lines. The absolute line intensities, pressure broadening and shift coefficients, as well as the parameters of narrowing and mixing were determined. It was found that the effect of line mixing on the profiles of resolved and unresolved doublets is negligible, while the narrowing significantly affects some doublets.