Vol. 12, issue 10, article # 5

pdf Panchenko M. V., Pkhalagov Yu. A., Rakhimov R. F., Sakerin S. M., Belan B. D. Geophysical factors of the aerosol weather formation in the Western Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 10. P. 883-894.
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This paper generalizes the available data on basic geophysical factors which determine variability of aerosol properties (optical, first of all) in the Western Siberia. They are described following the hierarchy of the processes usually used for description of the weather and climate in a specific geographical region. The seasonal variability of aerosol optical characteristics, their variations caused by change of air masses in the region, and diurnal behavior are considered based on data of airborne and ground-based measurements. Inter-annual periodic variations of the annually mean aerosol number density are revealed. The hypothesis is put forward that this periodicity is caused by circulation processes on the scale more than the regional one. It is shown that the effect of practically all significant geophysical factors can be seen in the aerosol weather. These factors are the inter-annual cycles, annual behavior, processes of synoptic scale, and diurnal transformation.