Vol. 12, issue 12, article # 10

pdf Lavrent'eva N. N., Solodov A. M. Shifts of Water Vapor Lines Induced by the Oxygen and Argon Pressure in Bands ν1 + ν2 and ν2 + ν3. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 12. P. 1072-1075.
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Measurements and calculations of the pressure shift coefficients for more than 100 water vapor absorption lines have been performed in the spectral region 5000-5600 cm-1 with oxygen and argon as foreign gases. The experimental data on the line shift coefficients were obtained from analysis of H2O-O2 and H2O-Ar absorption spectra recorded at room temperatures in a wide pressure range of the buffer gases using a Fourier spectrometer with the spectral resolution of 0.007 cm-1 and an 84.05-m-long optical path. Calculations of the line shift coefficients were performed using semiclassical impact theory by Anderson. The roles of different terms of intermolecular potential for the line shift calculations have been analyzed. In the calculations we used the only parameter for fitting, namely, the mean dipole polarizability of the upper vibrational state. The calculated data quite well agree with the experiment.