Vol. 12, issue 12, article # 16

pdf Fabrikov A. V. Data Processing for Optical Radiation Source Location by Space Information-Measuring System: Bayesian Approach. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1999. V. 12. No. 12. P. 1098-1102.
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We have developed a new approach to data processing for a space-based information and measuring system observing the Earth's surface and locating sources of pulsed optical radiation on the Earth. In this approach, the direct (non-iteration) algorithm for calculating the initial estimate of the source's coordinates is connected with the procedure of updating the estimate by the method of Bayes recursion. The direct method for the initial estimate of the coordinates excludes the problem of possible divergence of calculated results. Application of Bayes recursion enables one to obtain final high accurate estimates and simplifies methodological analysis of measurements by constructing the covariation matrix of estimation errors (uncertainties) together with estimation of the coordinates.