Vol. 13, issue 04, article # 14

pdf Andreev Yu. M., Voevodin V. G., Geiko P. P. Up-conversion of microsecond СО2-laser pulses. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2000. V. 13. No. 04. P. 370-375.
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Up-conversion of long, 3 to 50 ms, CO2-laser pulses was studied experimentally. The conversion efficiency of 1 to 2% was achieved when using Nd:YAG laser radiation at 1.064 mcm wavelength as a pump radiation and a 3.9-mm-long ZnGeP2 crystal that is characterized by the absorption coefficient of 2.0 cm-1 at this wavelength and 2.5 cm-1 at the up-converted wavelength (0.9548 mcm). It was shown that when using a thick silicon avalanche photodiode operating in the photon counting mode the signal-to-noise ratio can be increased by 450 times as compared with the direct detection of CO2-laser signals by an mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) photodiode.