Vol. 13, issue 04, article # 15

pdf Tikhomirov A. A., Beresnev A. V., Abramochkin A. A. Scanner based on rotating optical wedges and its capabilities in airborne lidar. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2000. V. 13. No. 04. P. 376-383.
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In this paper we consider the characteristics and peculiarities of an airborne lidar scanner based on two optical wedges which can rotate in phase or in opposite directions (in antiphased). The parameters of the cycloid, the lidar optical axis follows in the case of cophased scanning, are analyzed. Possible scanning trajectories in the basic coordinate system are given for the case of antiphased rotation of wedges and at different positions of the scanning plane with respect to a flight direction (perpendicular, parallel, and at an arbitrary angle). The influence of flight parameters (altitude and velocity) and scanning parameters (angular rotation velocity and deflection of the lidar optical axis), as well as of the pulse repetition frequency on the density of laser pulse distribution over the sensed surface is estimated. The obtained results are applicable to scanners of other types and to space-based scanning lidars.