Vol. 13, issue 05, article # 16

pdf Sheremeteva T. A., Fillipov G. N. Method for simulating random perturbations of the wave front within a wide range of fluctuation scales. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2000. V. 13. No. 05. P. 492-496.
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We propose a method for numerically simulating stochastic fields with the spatial inhomogeneities varying in a wide range. The method allows one to combine the modal approach based on expansion of random homogeneous isotropic field over Karhunen-Loeve-Obukhov functions with a spectral approach or the sliding average approach. Advantages of the method over the other known methods of random field generation manifest themselves, in particular, in the case when a random field with a wide range of inhomogeneities in relatively small areas is to be induced. This problem arises, for example, in simulating the laser beam wave front propagated through the atmosphere.