Vol. 13, issue 11, article # 5

pdf Zuev V. V., Burlakov V. D., El'nikov A. V., Smirnov S. V., Khryapov P. A. Variations of the scattering ratio in the upper stratosphere over Tomsk in January-March 2000. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2000. V. 13. No. 11. P. 930-935.
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We present the results of two-wavelength (353 and 511 nm) observations of vertical profiles of the scattering ratio R(H) at the Siberian Lidar Station obtained in January-March 2000. We have recorded an unusual increase in theR(H) ratio in the upper stratosphere at altitudes above 25 km. From analysis of meteorological conditions and the data of double-frequency lidar sensing we discuss the reasons for the observed variations of R(H), whose nature is most likely connected with the development of a sudden stratospheric warming. Such an unusual phenomenon with similar dynamics of the vertical structure of R(H) was observed over Tomsk in the winter of 1987.