Vol. 14, issue 09, article # 11

pdf Mikhailov V. M., Voronina S. S., Pshenichnikov A. M. Calculated "forbidden" rotational spectrum of CH3D. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 09. P. 739-747.
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The rotational dependence of the dipole moment of CH3D molecule determined from Stark measurements and intensities of R-branch rotational lines is theoretically obtained. Peak-absorption coefficients of rotational lines of CH3D are calculated. It is shown that in the region of 400 GHz the intensities of the strongest lines of forbidden transitions are two orders of magnitude lower than intensities of allowed transitions, but in the high frequency region (~4000 GHz) the intensity ratio of forbidden and allowed transitions is 1/10. In the region of 6000 GHz, some calculated forbidden transitions of CH3D are comparable with that of allowed transitions.