Vol. 14, issue 11, article # 10

pdf Pomogaev V. A., Artyukhov V. Ya. Mechanism of energy transfer in molecular complexes. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 11. P. 949-953.
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To find possible ways for excitation, deactivation, and energy transfer, spectral and photophysical characteristics of molecular complexes: benzophenone/9,10-substituted anthracenes and 9,10-substituted anthracenes/naphthalene were calculated within the framework of the standard quantum-chemistry approach. Intermolecular Т ->S energy transfer in these systems occurs only in collision complexes at the van der Waals distance between molecules. Direct S ->Т energy transfer strongly yields the intramolecular process in substituted anthracenes/naphthalene complexes. Matrix elements of the single-electron spin-orbital operator were calculated in the multicenter approximation.