Vol. 14, issue 11, article # 12

pdf Yuzhakov V. I., Blinova K. G., Ishchenko A. A., Levshin L. V., Patsaeva S. V., Pekhota A. V. Photophysics of symmetrical biscyanines and their aggregations in solutions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 11. P. 957-960.
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Photophysical processes and molecular aggregation of four biscyanine and parent dye solutions are investigated. The interaction energy of chromophores and the dipole transition moments of biscyanine dyes are calculated; the fluorescence lifetime and the quantum yield of the intersystem crossing are determined using the technique of nonlinear fluorimetry. Some conclusions are drawn on the causes of hypsochromic shift of the luminescence band of biscyanine dyes in polymer films under laser excitation.