Vol. 14, issue 11, article # 20

pdf Andreev Yu. M., Badikov V. V., Geiko P. P., Grechin S. G. Fulfillment of phase-matching conditions and optical characteristics of lithium thioindat nonlinear crystals. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 11. P. 1001-1004.
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The paper describes the results of investigation of linear and nonlinear-optical characteristics as well as the radiation stability for biaxial LiInS2 crystal. The Sellmeier equation coefficients for the spectral range of 0.45-11.5 mkm and the values of coefficients of a nonlinear susceptibility tensor are determined. Calculations have been carried out of phase-matching conditions for different problems in the frequency conversion, namely, angular and frequency tuning dependences. A possibility has been demonstrated of realizing group matching in a wide range of wavelengths when generating the sum and difference frequencies. The paper describes the spectral dependences of group-velocity matching calculated in a direction of phase matching, whence a possibility of creating frequency converters of 3 mkm femtosecond lasers follows.