Vol. 16, issue 03, article # 2

pdf De Backer-Barilly M. R., Barbe A., Tyuterev Vl. G. Infrared spectrum of 16O18O16O in the 5 mkm range. Positions, intensities, and atmospheric applications . // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2003. V. 16. No. 03. P. 183-188.
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The absorption of various 18O enriched isotopomers of ozone has been reinvestigated in the 2000-2250 cm-1 spectral range. This work has allowed for the first time to observe of 2v1 (221 transitions) and 2v3 (414 transitions) weak bands of 16O18O16O. This leads to the determination of the Hamiltonian parameters for the three (002), (101), (200) interacting states and a very satisfactorily rms errors (0.77 10-3 cm-1) in the line positions. In addition, relative intensities, measured for the three bands lead to transition moment operators. Both results allow to perform calculations of the complete list of 16O18O16O lines reported in the S&MPO bank. This is of direct interest for atmospheric applications, as the v1 + v3 band of the 16O18O16O isotopomer, clearly observed in balloon or satellites spectra, interferes with the strong v3 band of OCS, used for atmospheric retrievals.