Vol. 16, issue 08, article # 13

pdf Svetlichnyi V. A., Svetlichnaya N. N., Sinchenko E. I., Vaitulevich E. A., Lapin I. N. Optical limiting of nanosecond laser radiation by polymethine dyes . // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2003. V. 16. No. 08. P. 689-692.
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Nonlinear absorption by four polymethine dyes excited by focused radiation of a Nd:YAG laser second harmonic (532 nm) has been investigated experimentally. Good limiting effect in solutions and a polymer matrix has been demonstrated. Spectra of reverse saturable absorption on the nanosecond time scale were recorded (pump-probe experiment). Comparison of the experimental data on reverse saturable absorption with the results of theoretical quantum chemical investigation was carried out (S1 -> Sn and Т1 -> Тn absorption).