Vol. 16, issue 09, article # 1

pdf Bryukhanova V. V., Samokhvalov I. V., Abramochkin A. I., Abramochkin S. A., Tikhomirov A. A. Multiply scattered lidar return from water-droplet clouds. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2003. V. 16. No. 09. P. 711-720.
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The lidar equation obtained earlier for the inhomogeneous atmosphere with regard for single and double scattering is under analysis. It is shown that double scattered forward-backward and backward-backward photon trajectories equally contribute to the backscattering signal intensity. This significantly simplifies the lidar equation providing the sounding pulse penetrates into the cloud to the depth that is small as compared to the scattering volume diameter at the cloud top. It is shown that the double scattered lidar return is more sensitive to aerosol microstructure than the single scattered one. A lidar with a changeable field of view is described allowing one to separate the multiple scattering component in the total lidar return. The technique for estimating the multiply scattered lidar return is based on the hypothesis about normal distribution of multiply scattering intensity in the image plane of the scattering volume at a given distance. The results of experimental investigation of the structure of the lidar return multiply scattered by a droplet cloud are discussed.