Vol. 17, issue 04, article # 11

pdf Kutsenogii K. P., Makarov V. I., Trubina L. K., Klimashin A. M., Makhov D. Yu., Golobokov M. V. Determination of the geometry of a smoke plume from an aerosol generator using digital stereophotogrammetry. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 04. P. 300-304.
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The current state of the experimental and theoretical research into the gas and aerosol diffusion in the atmospheric boundary layer using the smoke plume method is reviewed. A new method that uses the digital stereophotogrammetry, GIS technology, and a mobile aerosol generator with the regulated particle size distribution is described. The data of field experiments on measurement of the smoke plume geometry are presented. Theoretical grounds for determining the dimensions of an aerosol cloud are described. The capabilities and the accuracy of the method are estimated as applied to determining the coordinates of an object under study.